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About Us 

We are a team of restaurant supply chain professionals who developed a network to ease the burden of calling so many different vendors to get all your products and services set up. We hold each other to a high standard to ensure that we meet your standard. This group was founded by the Hispanic Restaurant Association founders looking to find like-minded professionals who want to make a difference in their own world and those around them -- those who want to be the "A" Team of the restaurant supply chain world. 

The goal of the Restaurant VS network is to be the go-to group of vendors and suppliers for restaurant owners and restaurant investment groups.

Who can utilize and benefit from our network? Just about anyone in the food industry:

  • General contractors who specialize in building restaurants

  • Investment groups who invest in restaurants, franchises, etc.

  • New restaurant owners

  • Those interested in opening a restaurant


Also, any industry professional can seek to become part of our network. Still, they must believe, as we do, in the following common characteristics of the most successful teams in the world:


  • Recognition of our interdependence on each other for success

  • Recognition that there is always more to learn from everyone around you

  • Learning new things requires realizing you’re merely at a level of less ignorance

  • The submission of the ego to the greater good (a.k.a. having humility)

  • Recognizing we all are smarter together

  • Recognizing the dichotomies of leadership (balancing two extremes in any situation)

  • Recognizing that no one is perfect.

  • The goal is excellence in your particular trade or skillset


Therefore, to be part of our vendor and supplier network, you must be:

  • A team player

  • Wanting to be part of an “A-Team” network group

  • A multi-faceted  or multi-dimensional team member (meaning one-size-does-not-fit-all approach to sales)

  • High-performance oriented

  • Confident, but not arrogant

  • Willing to learn (not ego-driven)

  • Willing to help others and help yourself

  • A force multiplier as part of the team

  • Willing to be part of the community we serve

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